Are Apprenticeships be better prepared for jobs than college?

With all the talk about college in the political atmosphere, people are beginning to wonder if they’re worth it as much as they used to be. According to a survey conducted by the American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor, over half of Americans said that they believe that apprenticeships help make people more employable than going to college. Seven in ten adults say that learning a skill is better when it comes to finding a job than having a bachelor’s degree and believe that “college degrees aren’t worth as much as they used to be.” Nine out of ten Americans say that apprenticeships can be very helpful in leading to a new career and that they are valuable in helping people prepare for a certain job and learn a new trade. Apprenticeships are great in allowing those searching for jobs to get paid while learning new skills to better prepare them for the workforce. ASA president and chief executive officer, Richard Wahlquist said, “U.S. businesses need to act now to launch work-based learning programs to address the widening skills gap and help attract and hire the best candidates in this tight labor market.”However, nine in ten adults also agree that it is important to consider both apprenticeships and college as options moving forward in the job market! You can learn more about this survey and what Americans had to say about apprenticeships at